How I used Amazon SES with MJML to create email templates in my side-project

How it started

First attempt: mail sending services

Another attempt: Amazon SES

aws ses list-templates
aws ses get-template --template-name simple-template
aws ses create-template --cli-input-json file://simple-template.json
aws ses update-template --cli-input-json file://simple-template.json
aws ses send-templated-email --cli-input-json file://simple-template-single-user.json
aws ses send-bulk-templated-email --cli-input-json file://simple-template-bulk-users.json
"Template": {
"TemplateName": "simple-template",
"SubjectPart": "Greetings, {{name}}!",
"HtmlPart": "<h1>Hello {{name}},</h1><p>Your favorite animal is {{favoriteanimal}}.</p>",
"TextPart": "Dear {{name}},\r\nYour favorite animal is {{favoriteanimal}}."
"Source":"WeekHabit Team <>",
"Template": "mjml",
"ConfigurationSetName": "ConfigSet",
"Destination": {
"ToAddresses": [ ""
"TemplateData": "{ \"name\":\"Alejandro\", \"favoriteanimal\": \"alligator\" }"


mjml — responsive template framework

./node_modules/.bin/mjml -r simple-template.mjml -o simple-template.html
aws ses update-template --cli-input-json file://simple-template.json



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